Book Tag: Beauty and the Beast


Hi Readers

Beauty and the Beast was my favourite Disney film growing, probably because I saw myself in Belle and her bookish ways.

So you could say I was more than a bit excited when they announced they were remaking it into a live-action. And words can’t describe how I felt when Emma was announced to be playing Belle. 

The other week I found the Beauty and the Beast book tag, and it seemed only fitting that I do it.

This tag was created by Du Livre but DreamlandBookBlog added some questions inspired by the new Live Action remake so I’m going to do both.

A Villain You Can’t Help But Love

(This a good time to mention Im really excited about the youtuber/author collab ‘Because You Love To Hate Us’)

Your OTP

Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I can’t think of two characters more perfect for each other. 

A Character Destined for Great Things

Hermione Granger. Just the little things she does in school, protesting for House Elf rights and obsessing over school work. She definitely went on to do great things after Hogwarts.

A Book That Makes You Hungry

To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. Lara Jean just loves baking the most delicious treats.

Opposites Attract

Ari and Dante by Benjamin Alire Saenze. Honestly this is why I’m scared for the sequel. They’re so different and I think that’s going to cause some drama. 

A Character That’s More Than They Appear

Lila from The Neapolitan Novels. She’s portrayed as quite a mean person but, like most bullies, it’s just a front to hide just how vulnerable she it.

A Book That Changed You In Some Way

Perks of Being A Wallflower. Weirdly, this book helped me understand people more. 

A Book You Picked Up Because of Hype

Basically every book I’ve ever read ever. One I’m thankful for though is the Neapolitan Series by Elena Ferrante. If it weren’t for the hype I might never have found these. 

A Book Or Moment That Always Makes You Cry

I think I’ve read The Fault in our Stars 4 or 5 times and every single one of those times I cried. It’s just so cruel.

I Tag:

Jolien from The Fictional Reader 

Jackie from Too Much Of A Book Nerd

Thanks for reading

Jess X



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