Book Unhaul #2

Hi Readers

A year ago I did a post where I showed the books I planned on getting rid of (although most of them are still in the garage waiting to be taken to a charity shop). Well, it’s time to do it again. 

Unsurprisingly (to me) most of these are YA fantasy/paranormal/dystopia books. This was the same case with my last unhaul. This is just the genre I used to be obsessed with (and found because of booktube) but I now have no desire to read. 


Unwholly by Neil Shusterman – This is the second in the unwind series (yes, I bought the second before buying the first.) It’s sci-fi. It’s just not my thing. 

Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse – This is (I think) the only adult book Im unhauling. I’m just not interested in reading this. 

Half Bad by Sally Green – I have actually read, but I have no desire to continue the series. 

Severed Heads and Broken Hearts by Robyn Schneider – I’ve read this, but it didn’t blow me away. For me it was so meh that I’m not fussed about keeping it.

Across the Universe by Beth Revis – I’m not sure about this one. I read the first page and wasn’t too impressed with the writing. 

Me Earl and the Dying Girls by Jesse Andrews – Another one I’ve read. The humour in this was just not my thing. 

If I stay by Gayle Foreman – Me and Gayle Foreman just don’t get along. 

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray – I think I may have put this in my last unhaul but I changed my mind. Still haven’t read it. It’s time to let it go.


Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead – I read the first 5, found Spirit Boung so boring that I have no interest in finishing the series or reading the companion series. 

5th Wave Trilogy (1 & 2) by Rick Yancey – I remember not really enjoying the 5th wave and I’ve heard such bad things about the second and last one. 

Under the Never Sky Trilogy (1 & 2) by Veronica Rossi – I’m so over YA dystopia trilogies.

The Chemical Garden Trilogy (1 & 2) by Lauren Destefano – I’ve finished this whole trilogy and while I love Lauren on twitter her books I’m just not fussed about anymore.

Mara Dyer Trilogy (1 & 2) by Michelle Hopkin – Did the third one ever come out? Because if it did I’m pretty sure every one was too fed-up by then to read it.

I’m pretty certain I don’t want to keep these. However, if you have a strong defence for any of them, feel free to try and convince me to change my mind. If it’s anything like the first one, they’ll probably be left in the garage for a year before I can part with them anyway.

Thanks for reading 

Jess X


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