T5W: Authors I Want To

Note: Top 5 Wednesday was created by GingerReadsLainey and is hosted by ThoughtsonTomes on the Goodreads Group.


Hi Guys 

This weeks topic is authors I want to read more from. I have done a full blog post of this before which you can find ‘here’

So today I thought instead I’d share with you authors I wish I could read more from, but have only released one book. 

5. Erin Morganstern – Okay, so I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Night Circus. But I loved her writing, so if she were to perhaps write something without magic I would probably love it. 

4. Sylvia Plath – I know she has also written a lot of poems and a couple of journals, but poems just aren’t for me. 

3. Harper Lee – And not that ‘sequel’ her shitty publicist got published. 

2. Celeste Ng – She is coming out with a new book soon, but boy did I wish she already had a library of published books for me to read.

1.Stephen Chbosky – Perks is one of my favourite books of all time, it makes me so sad to know it will probably always be his only published novel. 

Let me know if you’ve done this weeks top 5 Wednesday!

Thanks for reading 

Jess X



6 thoughts on “T5W: Authors I Want To Read More Of

  1. 3. Harper Lee? Re-reading TKAM would be all. I haven’t read the “sequel” either, but I find the criticism of Atticus as showing how little some people have read of history–sadly. Perks of Being a Wallflower was a total epiphany when I read it last year, for the first time, at age 54. I even wrote a post about what it meant. I didn’t know he’d written others. I’ll have to look.


    1. He hasn’t! What I did with this weeks topic was talk about authors I WISH had written more than one novel. Unfortunately Perks is all we’ve got from Stephen 😦

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  2. I read The Bell Jar and didn’t connect with it at all even though I thought I was going to love it… Haven’t picked up anything by her since. Maybe I should give her another chance.

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