Movies I Wish Had Been Books

Hi Guys

The Oscars were last night (yay Moonlight!) and to celebrate the end of award season I thought I would talk about movies, specifically, movies (and TV shows) that I would love to be have been books first. 

There’s no denying I love books more than movies. While I’ve definitely been getting more into movies recently there’s nothing that can replace the beauty of words on a page. While watching these movies and TV shows I couldn’t help thinking that they would’ve made books. 

Midnight In Paris – This is the perfect movie for book lovers, not only does it follow a writer in Paris it also has appearances of two of the most loved writers in history, F.Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.

The Breakfast Club – This is such a fantastic movie with some great messages. To be honest, if they just published the script I would probably buy it. Some great things are said in this movie. 

Limitless – I love Bradley Cooper but the plot follows a man who takes a pill that allows him to use 100% of his brain. Give me that book and give it to me now.

You’ve Got Mail – Another movie for book lovers that would also make a great book. It’s great to see the characters love for stories and I don’t see that enough in actual books.

Stranger Things – You have no idea the amount of times I googled ‘is stranger things a book’ while watching it because it just felt to much like an amazing classic sci-fi story to not have been a book first. But it isn’t, and that’s a problem.

Broadchurch – I love reading mystery novels but I can never find any good recommendations. Basically, I want broadchurches story and characters in a book.

The Missing – The same with broadchurch, but even more so. The plot to this would’ve made a bestselling novel.

How To Get Away With Murder – This is one of those shows you can’t stop watching, it’s addictive and if this was a book you can bet I would not sleep until I read every single page.

About Time – This would basically be another The Time Travellers Wife but with a slightly happier ending and better plot.

Black Mirror – Every episode is a new story altogether, and each episode would make a great book. I think the problem with Black Mirror is sometimes the characters and stories are too big to fit the hour slot it has, so a lot of the time your’re left wanting more. That would’ve been solved if it were a book.

Are there any movies/TV shows you would love have been a book first?

Thanks for reading

Jess X


4 thoughts on “Movies I Wish Had Been Books

  1. What a great list. I’m also surprised that Strange Things isn’t a book or series, because already the show is so layered.

    Oh, You’ve Got Mail would have been a wonderful book. If you can make it happen, can you also put a good word in for Sleepless in Seattle? 😉


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