Book Chat: Rating Books

Hi Guys

Rating is a big part of the online reading community. Most of us have a GoodReads account so we’ve all experienced the moment after finishing a book trying to decide what start rating to give it or even looking at other peoples ratings to see if it’s a book worth reading (although I’m trying to do this less).

When I first started reviewing books I was 15 and was very lenient. I gave the majority of the books I read 4 or 5 stars and I often let other peoples opinions effect my own, not allowing for the fact I have opinion’s of my own. So, a lot of the ratings I made 3/4 years ago are redundant. Has anyone else done that?

Now I have a very different system when it comes to reviewing, I’m a lot more opinionated and I am not scared to share those opinions.Not matter how loved the book is.

I now rate books out of 100 but I still use star ratings for goodreads, this is how:

0-19/100 – 1 Star

20-39/100 – 2 Stars

40-69/100 – 3 Stars

70-89/100 – 4 Stars

90-100/100 – 5 Stars

For me this is the system that makes the most sense and means that my ratings are the most accurate.

There have been moments where I’ve considered stopping rating books because sometimes when finishing a book I really don’t want to think about what I thought about it or critiquing it. But I am a very dedicated book blogger, I feel like it’s my job to critique books.

Also, I know my future self would hate me if I didn’t rate a book I read, I like looking back on old reads and seeing what I thought of them. It’s kind of the reason I started blogging in the first place.

Saying that, I have decided to stop rating non-fiction books. It’s an idea I’ve had for a while but only put into action after finishing Last Act of Love by Cathy Rentzenbrink. I loved the book and would recommend you read it, but I couldn’t put a star rating on it. How can I rate a book recounting an accident Cathy found so hard to overcome? I just feel like I couldn’t rate it accurately.

What do you think? Do you think rating books is important? Do you give it this much thought? Let me know!

Thanks for reading

Jess X


2 thoughts on “Book Chat: Rating Books

  1. Your point of view is very interesting! I haven’t read a lot of non-fiction books, and the ones I’ve had, I read them before creating my Goodreads account, so I didn’t rate them. But I agree: it’d be so hard to rate something extremely real :/
    I’m doing fine with only 5 stars, but I wish Goodreads would allow half stars as well. The only problem I’ve found with my rating system is that sometimes 3 stars means “meh” and other times it means “not that good but still enjoyable” 😛

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