Christmas Book Haul 2016

Hi Guys

There is one Christmas blog post that I never ended up doing and that is a Christmas book haul. I was so lucky to receive these beautiful books from my family and, get this, I’ve  already read two of them… I KNOW!

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

I’ve actually already read this and a review will be coming soon. My parents got me the beautiful edition that has illustrations by Michael Manomivibul (try saying that five times fast.)

Lewis Carroll Collection

Last year I fell in love with Alice in Wonderland but Lewis Carroll has actually written a lot of other poems and short stories. I’ve never heard anything about them but I wanted to give them a try. My parents bought me the Barnes and Noble Leather Bound collection.

Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops by Jen Campbell

I love watching Jen Campbell’s videos on youtube. She has so many book recommendations and, being a bookseller, she sure knows how to sell a book.

She has published a few books and this hilarious series shares her own stories and experiences of, well, what the title says. I read the first one and it made me laugh out loud multiple times. Some of the stories were very relatable. Would highly recommend.

Chamber of Secrets Illustrated by Jim Kay

I got this one from my Grandparents, so clearly they know me very well. I love Jim Kay’s illustrations. And it gives me another reason to reread a Harry Potter book.

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Technically this wasn’t a Christmas present, but I didn’t buy it for myself. I won this in a booktubeathon giveaway which was so unexpected but I’m so grateful I did because I have seen so many people put this in their favourites of 2016. Plus it’s wonderfully diverse which is definitely something I need to read more of in 2017.

Thanks for reading!

Jess X


2 thoughts on “Christmas Book Haul 2016

  1. Nice haul!! 😀
    I’m not a huge fan of that cover with Alice, I find it kinda weird tbh haha Maybe it’s her face …??? I have no idea, but I like the pink background.
    I wish I had the HP illustrated editions, I really wanted to get the philosopher’s stone at least, they’re beautiful ❤

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