Blogmas: Blog and Booktube Recommendations

Hi Guys

I have a lot of love and appreciation for booktubers and book bloggers. They have elevated my love for reading onto a level I never would have imagined possible when I was 10 and every video I watch or post I read inspires and spurs on that love.

So I thought I would share a few of my favourite people to watch and read. But these certainly aren’t all of them, and I will be doing a lot more of these in the future.


Books and Messey Buns: Rebeca and I have a very similar reading taste but she also reads books that I haven’t heard of, which is kind of everything I look for in a blog.

Read Diverse Books: I’ve been following Nazahet’s twitter for a while now and have only recently started reading his blog, and I’m really glad I did. His goal is to share and promote diverse books, which is definitely something I am guilty of not doing as regularly as I should. If you’re looking for a good diverse read, check out his blog.

BookishUnderDog: Another new find (even though I’ve been bookblogging for two years now I still feel very new to it) but I am very I found Emma’s blog. I love her posts and you should definitely check her blog out.


WhittyNovels: I have watched Whitney for years now and she has grown into a great youtuber. She does great and honest book reviews, she supports diverse reading and makes a physical effort to promote it. Plus, she’s so relatable. If you’re not watching her already you definitely should.

Jen Cambell: She reads mostly books I A- have never heard of or B- never would’ve thought to pick up. But she makes me want to read everything she reads because she has so much passion for them. And she used to be a bookseller, so she knows the art of persuasion.

Ariel Bissett: This girl is the genius behind the booktubeathon along with all it’s challenges, sponsors, giveaways, and she also makes pretty cool videos. I especially love her bookish discussion videos.

Let me know what your favourite blog/booktube channel is!

Thanks for reading

Jess X


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