Blogmas: Christmas TV 2016

Hi Guys

One of the best things about Christmas is the amazing Christmas specials and movies that are on TV. It’s always a special moment when the Christmas TV mag is released. I love flicking through and seeing whats on and this year has a couple of quite exciting things on, so I thought I’d share what I’m most excited about.

To Walk Invisible – BBC 29th Dec 9PM: I feel like every reader is excited about this. This is a TV movie that shows the lives of the Bronte sisters. I watched a documentary the BBC did earlier this year called ‘Being the Brontes’ which celebrated Charlotte’s 200th birthday and their life was actually quite difficult and it’s so inspirational the work they did in the short lives they had. If you’re a Bronte fan, or even just love period dramas, you should definitely give this a go.

Outnumbered – BBC Boxing Day 10PM : This was a TV show I loved as a pre-teen. It is British gold comedy and so relatable. It follows the lives of two struggling parents with three young kids. It’s been off air for a couple of years now so the young kids aren’t so young anymore. It’ll be interesting to see their characters are all grown up.

Great British Bake Off – BBC Christmas Day 4:45PM and Boxing Day 7PM: This is probably what I am most excited for. I was so sad when I heard the Bake Off was coming to an end as we know it (and no, I’m not excited for the Channel 4 version.) It’s going to be a bitter sweet end but a perfect Christmas day watch. Also, I can’t wait to see Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry in a Christmas jumper.

Call The Midwife – BBC Christmas Day 8pm: Probably won’t actually watch this on Christmas day because no doubt there will be sad and emotional moments, and Christmas day is not a day for crying. But Call the Midwife is one of my favourite tv shows and I’m sure this is going to be fab.

Paul’s Scary Tales – ITV 20th Dec 9PM: Paul O’Grady is someone I grew up with on the TV because my mum loves him. He’s doing a one of special telling the original fairy tale stories in all their gory.

Creatures of the Cold – BBC 29th Dec 8pm: I’m watching this for the penguins.

Michael Mcintyre’s Big Christmas Show BBC 7:25 Christmas Eve: Michael Mcintyre is a family favourite. His jokes are so relatable and his Send To All is hilarious.

What are you excited for on the TV this Christmas?

Thanks for reading

Jess X



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