Blogmas: Authors I Want To

Hi Guys

I have a problem. A problem no book lover should have to endure. I don’t have a favourite author. Let me explain. 

I have come to realise I mostly only read one book by an author, and that book is normally the one that has gotten the best reviews.Yes, I admit it, I only read popular books. I might read more if it’s part of a series, but other than that I read the one book and then move on from that author and never return to them, no matter how much I enjoyed that book.

Because of this, I feel like I can’t say I have a favourite author. I would say J.K Rowling but I hated The Casual Vacancy so much I didn’t even finish it. 

So, today I’m going to list some authors I think are potential candidates to becoming my favourite author. I just need to read more of their published works first. 

Emma Donougue ~ I loved Room, but from what I’ve heard it’s actually a lot different to the other books she’s published. It’s almost a anomaly. But honestly I love the sound of her other books. Most of them are historical fiction and there’s even some mystery, and even though they’re a lot less popular I do want to give them a go. 

Matt Haig ~ I remember reading the first book of his Shadow Forest when I was just ten years old. He hasn’t written many fantasy children’s books since then, but I do love the sound of his other works. Not only that, but I love the work he has done with Reasons To Stay Alive, so he’s a very promising candidate.

The Brontes ~ So far I have only read Jane Eyre and I loved it so I definitely want to read all of the Bronte sisters works. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald ~ I will admit I don’t think he’s a contender for my favourite author because I thought The Great Gatsby was.. meh. But I am interested in his other stories. 

Maragaret Atwood ~ Even though it really freaked me out I was impressed by The Handmaids Tale and her name is always popping up. She has so many books published in so many different genres. I’m really excited to read more by her. 

Markus Zusak ~ He hasn’t published that many books so I don’t know how likely it is I’ll ever call him my favourite but The Book Thief was so good and I loved the narrative so I’d like to give him a try. 

Anne Tyler ~ I think she could become a summer favourite. Her books just have that sunny day in the garden with a lemonade feel to them and they all sound really interesting. 

I hope to one day name one of these authors my favourite. But as of right now I’m stuck with saying ‘I don’t have one.’

Who’s your favourite author?

Thanks for reading 

Jess xxx


4 thoughts on “Blogmas: Authors I Want To Read More Of

  1. I didn’t like “The Casual Vacancy” either, that’s why I can’t say JK Rowling is my favorite author haha I want to read more of her books, tho, to see what I think of them
    I read a lot of popular books too, that’s why it’s so difficult for me to pick favorite authors. I’ve already decided that Rick Riordan and Cassandra Clare are definitely favorites because I always enjoy their books (the ones I’ve read, that is). But I can’t choose more – I usually only read 1 or 2 books from the same author (unless it’s part of a series) 🙂


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