Blogmas: Garden Centres at Christmas

Hi Guys

There is one thing me and my parents do every Christmas without fail and that is visit every Garden Centre within a 30 mile radios. To me there is nothing that gets me more in the Christmas mood than looking around the beautiful decorations and set ups.

Garden centres go all out for christmas (especially in the UK) so I thought I would take some pics and share with you just how festive they are. And if you have not been to a Garden Centre yet this holiday season, you definitely should when you get the chance.

The first set of photos are from St Johns Plant Centre in Clacton, Essex. This was definitely my favourite of all the garden centres I went to this year. They have the most beautiful set up and a little train ride to see Santa in his grotto.


They had a couple of musical numbers at this garden centre. One is a huge musical box. which plays Christmas music when you turn a handle. The other is dancing bears that play instruments and the kids love them.


They have all of the decorations set up in a little village. It was really impressive and it felt wonderfully festive.


Another one I went to was Poplar garden centre in Colchester, Essex. Everything in this garden centre was lovely, not just the Christmas set up so it’s good any time f the year. But they did have a few nice festive layouts.


Here they also had a little booth where children could write a letter to Santa and you can visit Santa on weekends. Plus, they have a great cafe. I could have easily spent all day in there.

Whats a great Garden Centre you’ve been to this season?

Thanks for reading

Jess X


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