Blogmas: TBR Pile Shame

Hi Guys

I am a little nervous about sharing this with you honestly because I just find this so embarrassing. But today I am going to share with you what books I own but have not read.

I didn’t actually think it was this bad, until I started pulling the books from the shelf to take pictures. Then I realised I haven’t read basically half of what I own.

The pictures are organised in genre as that is how my shelves are organized. If you see a book that you think I HAVE to read right away, let me know!



*George’s Marvellous Medicine* *The Silver Chair* *Peter Pan in Scarlet* *Ballet Shoes* *Huckleberry Finn* *The Magicians Nephew* *The Horse and His Boy* *The Borrowers* *The Secret of the Old Clock* *The Hidden Staircase* *The Railway Children* *The Children of the New Forest* *Pinnochio* *Inkheart*



*Villette* *North and South* *For Whom the Bell Tolls* *The Odyssey* *Mists of Avalon* *Murder on the Orient Express* *The Hollow* *Mansfield Park* *Emma* *Wuthering Heights* *Anna Karenina* *Mrs Dalloway* *Les Miserables* *Great Expectations* *Watership Down* *Lord of the Flies* *Lolita* *One Hundred Years of Solitude*



*I am Pilgrim* *Along Came A Spider* *Gallows View* *The Da Vinci Code* *The House of Silk* *Inferno* *The Lost Symbol*

Sci-Fi (ish)


*The Subtle Knife* *11.22.64* *The Martian* *The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet* *The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August* *The Bone Clocks* *The Dead Fathers Club*



*The Invasion of the Tearling* *The Warrior Heir* *Assassins Apprentice* *The White Queen* *The Name of the Wind* *Sabriel* *Rebel Springs* *Fire* *Eon* *Furies of Calderon*


*Storm Glass* *Spy Glass* *Magic Study* *Fire Study* *Empire of Storms* *The Way of Kings* *A Storm of Swords* *A Clash of Kings*

Historical Fiction


*1Q84* *The Bronze Horseman* *Everything is Illuminated* *Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close* *Life of Pi* *Birdson* *Winter in Madrid* *And the Mountain Echoed* *Half of a Yellow Sun* *The Narrow Road to the Deep North* *Small Island*



*The Little Friend* *The Goldfinch* *N-W* *White Teeth* *Cat’s Eye* *My Brilliant Friend* *Before I Die* *We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves* *Mu Sisters Keeper* *Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls* *The Lovely Bones* *The Universe Versus Alex Woods*



*The Young Elites* *The Knife of Never Letting Go* *The Ask and the Answer* *Monsters of Men* *Knife Edge* *Across the Universe* *The Scorch Trials* *The Death Cure* *In The Aftermath*


*The Last Asylum* *The Duchess* *Forgotten Voices* *Seriously…I’m Kidding*

Books I’ve Half-Read


*Complete Sherlock Holmes* *The Catcher in the Rye* *Charles Dickens Ghost Stories* *Elizabeth Is Missing* *The Book of Lost Things* *Memoirs of a Geisha* *Scarlet* *Horns* *The Mime Order*

So overall I have 112 unread books on my bookshelf. I really want to try and get this to below 20 before the end of 2017 so in 2017 I plan on going on a ‘secondhand’ book-buying-ban.

Basically the main reason why I have so many unread books is because most of them only cost me £1 or sometimes less so I end up just thinking ‘Why Not?’ and then buy more books than I need. So all of the books I buy in 2017 will be new so I won’t be able to buy so many. Or at least, that’s the plan.

Thanks for reading

Jess X

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