Blogmas: Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Hi Guys

Christmas is the time for giving (and receiving) so if you are struggling to find a good gift for a fellow bookworm, or your family keep asking you what you want for Christmas, I have a few ideas in mind on what gifts a book lover would love.

Beautiful Classics

There are so many beautiful editions out there, the Barnes and Noble Leather-bound, the Penguin Cloth-bound, Puffin in Bloom, Puffin Chalk. If you know the persons favourite classic a beautiful edition of it will never go amiss.

Book Series Bind-Ups and Box Sets

If you want a bit more bang for your buck this is the way to go. You normally end up spending less than if you had bought them individually and the person getting the gift will have more books to read, it’s a win-win! Some ideas are the Narnia bind-up/box set, the Harry Potter box set, Complete Sherlock Holmes bind-up or a Roald Dahl Bind-up.

Harry Potter Illustrated Editions

This is perfect for any book lover because what book lover doesn’t love Harry Potter? And this much loved series has been made into a work of art, literally. Jim Kay has added beautiful illustrations to J.k Rowling’s beautiful world and these gorgeous new books are a must have for any HP fan.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry

Another must have for any HP fan. Film Wizardry shows the making of the Harry Potter movies with so many amazing behind the scenes pictures and interviews. It even comes with a mini marauders map.

Literacy Gift Company

This is a website I only recently found when I was on the hunt for a Alice in Wonderland mug and when I found this website I was in book merch heaven. This site does things like notebooks, t-shirts, posters, jewellery. But my personal favourite was the mugs, and every bookworm would love a bookish mug to drink from whilst reading. You can find the website here.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas on what to gift a book lover.

Thanks for reading

Jess X


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