Blogmas: Music Recommendations

Hey Guys

This is definitely the season to be dancing embarrassingly bad around the house to Christmas music but if for some insane reason you’re not a fan of Christmas music I have some non-christmassy music recommendations for you.

These artists I have basically listened to non-stop before the festive season began and will definitely return to listening to them once the festive season is over.


Aurora – You might know her from singing the 2014 John Lewis advert song and if you liked that song you definitely have to give her album ‘My Demons Greet Me As A Friend’ a listen. My favourite songs are ‘Half The World Away,’ ‘Runaway’ and ‘I Went Too Far.’

Birdy – Her cover of Bon Ivers ‘Skinny Love’ is everything. If you like Gabrielle Aplin you should give Birdy a try (and vice versa.)

Halsey – I would be really surprised if you haven’t already heard of Halsey but if you haven’t her music is rebellious and honest.

Lesley Gore – I must say I don’t listen to ‘old’ music as much as I should. I just can’t get into it. But every now and then I hear a song that ticks all the boxes and Lesley Gores  ‘Don’t Tell Me What To Do‘ is one of them. This is a empowering BAMF who saying it like it is. Love this song.

Mary J Blige – Favourite songs normally come with two P’s. Powerful and Personal and Doubt is definitely those. I actually first found this song when Mary sang it alongside Taylor Swift on the 1989 tour and thank god she did because this is my power anthem.

Hamilton Mixtape – As I’m writing this the whole thing hasn’t even been released yet but so far the songs that have been are mind blowing. Especially ‘Immigrants’ and ‘Wrote My Way Out.’ I can’t wait for the whole thing.

Selena Gomez – I know she gets a lot of stick for not being able to sing (bullshit imo) Revival has some seriously great tunes. You should definitely give ‘Perfect,’ ‘Cologne’ and ‘Hand’s To Myself.’

Seth Ennis – I haven’t actually listened to any of his other music but I can’t not mention his song ‘Woke Up In Nashville.’ I love country music although it’s been a while since I’ve found any new stuff to listen to and this song made it onto my favourites.

Ingrid Michealson – Especially her album ‘Be Ok.’ You and I’ is the catchiest song and I love it.

Daughter – I’m not a huge fan of their second album but their first album ‘If You Leave’ is beautiful and imo perfect reading music.


One thing I like most about Broadway is that the songs tell a story. They have character to them which adds so much emotional connections to the lyrics. If you haven’t given Broadway a try here are some of my favourite shows.

Wicked – At first I thought it show was kind of meh but as I listened to it more I slowly came to love the songs. Defying Gravity is of course one of my favourites.

RENT – I love musicals that has a powerful message and this certainly does. This follows a rebellious group of friends who (some) are dying of AIDs and the message is basically to live life while you and love as much as you can.

Hamilton – Duh. But seriously if you haven’t listened to this. Why? Go do it. Now.

Les Misérables – Again probably another obvious one but I just had to mention it.

Phantom Of The Opera – This was the first musical I ever listened to and so this one’s very close to my heart. The songs on this are so beautifully sung especially on the 25th anniversary CD with Sierra Bogess and Ramin Karimloo. The finale gets me every time.

So that is basically all of my favourite songs and albums. Let me know if you have any recommendations based of these. I’m always looking for new music.

Thanks for reading

Jess x


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