Blogmas: Room and Bookshelf Christmas Decorations

Hi guys

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the ‘decorating your house’ part of it. I love Christmas trees and tinsel and my Christmas snow globes that I’ve had since a child so much that I thought I would share with you what Christmas decorations I have in my room this year.

This is my brand new Christmas tree that I just bought a few weeks ago (from The Range in case you were wondering.) Before this year I have used a pink fluffy feather Christmas tree but this year I thought I’d upgrade to a Christmas Tree that actually feels like a Christmas tree.

The ballerina and Belle baubles I have had since I was maybe 8 years old (so 10 years) so even though they don’t quite match the white and gold theme I was going for I couldn’t not put them on there. The rest of the decs are fairly new. I got them from places like The Range, Tesco, Wilko and a Garden Centre.


Next up is the bookshelf. I tried out a new idea this year. I have flower shaped fairy lights (warm white) going around my bookshelf all year but this year I thought I would wrap gold tinsel around it and hand little white and gold baubles from the top. I really really like this idea although it has been a challenge trying to stop the lights from falling off.


I also have hung snowflake tree decorations from my shelves with sellotape. I have a couple of Christmas snow globes dotted around.


These are the last of my decorations in my room. I have decorated my window sill with tinsel, some really old snow globes I’ve had since I was a child (but I still love, don’t judge) and a couple of penguin cuddly toys which I also love because who doesn’t love penguins? I also have a couple of framed cross-stitches that I’m pretty sure my Nan did because she is obsessed with cross-stitching.


So those are all of my Christmas decorations in my room. Let me know if you decorate your room/bookshelf.

Thanks for reading

Jess X


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