Last Book Haul of the Year!

Hi Guys!

Christmas is just around the corner which means I need to start saving the pennies for presents and decorations and, of course, scented candles. This means these will be the last books I buy for myself this year (although I’m certainly not stopping anyone from buying me books for Christmas!)


For Whom The Bells Toll by Earnest Hemingway: I have never read a Hemingway book before and I am very intrigued to see what I think of it. There was a review on the back that said this was his best written novel so hopefully I made a good choice to start with this one. 

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown: After reading Angels and Demons I couldn’t wait to pick up the next and now I have it ready and waiting (for probably another year (but hopefully not)). 

The Dead Fathers Club by Matt Haig: This is from the same author who wrote Shadow Forest ( a childhood favourite of mine) and Reasons To Stay Alive. I’ve wanted to read some of his other stuff before so when I came across this in a second hand bookshop I snatched it up.

A Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferranti: I was going to wait until next year to get this as it’s definitely a summer read (possibly, maybe?) but then I saw it second hand (but clearly unread) so I decided to get it earlier than planned. But it will probably remain unread for a few months. Nothing new there. 

Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers: I have heard so many amazing things about this and honestly it sounds like the perfect sci-fi book for me because it focuses on the characters more than the sci-fi elements (or so I’ve heard.)

Assassins Apprentice by Robin Hobb: Now, I do keep telling myself I can’t start a new fantasy series until I’ve finished all the ones I already own but this sounded way too intriguing I couldn’t leave the shop without it. It follows a boy who was bastard born and cast out into the world alone and friendless with the ability to connect with animals. He’s eventually let back into the royal household to become the royal assassin. 

1Q84 by Haruki Murikami: I’ve been intrigued by Haruki Murikami for a while now and when I saw two of his books in one I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give him a try. I think he’s a pretty hard author to get into but I want to have a go none the less. 

So those are the last books I have bought this year. Hopefully I can refrain myself. I’m determined not to buy anymore because I literally don’t need any. 

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx



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