The Spooky Book Tag

Happy Halloween!!

I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, I don’t like scary stuff and honestly for me the only good about Halloween is knowing Christmas is just a couple of months away.

But saying that, I can’t not celebrate Halloween in some way on this blog, so today I am going to do the Spooky Book Tag which was created by Rose from Rose Books.  The questions are inspired by all the things that creep me out the most so I hope you appreciate the torture I am putting myself through to write this (JK.)

With no further ado, let’s get on with the questions.

1. Corn Maze – what book had you confused and lost from the very beginning?

I normally give up on books I don’t understand. But I do remember being really confused with Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman because I had already watched the movie and when I started reading the book I was so confused because it was so different and I couldn’t get a grasp on the world. I’m definitely going to have to give that a reread.

2. Haunted house – what book has the creepiest setting?

This has got to be And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Being trapped on this tiny island in a house with a bunch of strangers who are getting killed one by one is the worst nightmare imaginable.

3. Ghost Boyfriend – who is your eternal book boyfriend?

I’m not really one to ship myself with fictional characters (I know, I’m missing out on all the fun). But Peter Mallark from The Hunger Games will forever own my heart.

4. Caramel Apple Suckers – best dang Halloween book ever.

Right now I’m reading Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar and the pictures are creeping me out so much. Yet I’m still enjoying it, so that one.

5. “Vampires in Everything” – what is your least favourite Halloween trope?

Frankenstein. I just don’t find the story interesting and it’s been adapted so many times into shitty films that barely even follow the story line. Blugh.

5. “Pumpkin in Everything” – what is your favourite Halloween trope?

I love murder mysteries and witches.

6. Evil Incarnate – The most evil villain

At the moment, Negan trumps them all. Fucking hate that guy.

7. Oujji Board – a book that messes with things that you don’t want to be involved in!

The Bone Season. The characters job is to enter the ‘aether’ which is basically where dead peoples souls exist. Just, nope, I can’t be doing that.

8. Full Moon – What character do you turn into on the full moon?

Anna from Anna and the French Kiss. She has the coolest life and honestly if I can’t go to Hogwarts Paris is the next best thing. 

9. All Hallows Eve – the other world and this world have meshed for one night; what book world would you love to be swept up in?

To be honest most of the book worlds I read are pretty messed up with people getting killed every five minutes. But I don’t think I could ever pass up the opportunity to walk through Diagon Alley, hop on the Hogwarts Express, have a butterbear in the Three Broomsticks and then have a tour through Hogwarts itself. It would be hard to squeeze all this in one night but I’d make it work.

10. Voodoo Doll – what author would you love to take control of and make them write you anything you want?

*Slight Spoilers for TOG/Assassins Blade* I would take control of Sarah J Maas and make her bring Sam back. 

11. Black Cat – what red flags do you look for when first starting out a book?

Instalove. Blugh.

12. Witches Brew – A book that had a lot of different components thrown in but the result was magical.

Miss Peregrines. Time travel, kids with cool abilities, an aspiring writer, creepy monsters, creepy pictures, romance, mystery… need I go on. 


Whoever want’s do this. I’m the worst at tagging people, I know. 

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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