T5W: Books That Took The Longest To Read.

t5wHello Guys.

This month I thought I’d jump back into the action of Top 5 Wednesday which was created by Gingerreadslainey and is now hosted over on goodreads by Samantha from ThoughtsonThomes.

I used to do these a lot but then I just got out of the swing of it, so I’m going to take part in all of the October t5w and see if I still enjoy it.

This weeks topic: Books that took me the longest to read

When it takes me a long time to read the book it means I’m not enjoying it, so I normally end up DNF-ing the book because I don’t like wasting time on books I’m not interested in. However there are some books that I seriously struggled with but felt like I had to finish. So, here they are.

1- Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: A year. This took me an entire year to read. I started it February 2015 and finished it February 2016. I just did not enjoy this book. I disliked the majority of the characters and found 2/3’s of it boring. Yet everyone loves it so I felt obligated to finish it. 

2- The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien: To be honest I didn’t want to read this book (and the films didn’t help) but I felt like I had to read it before I started the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This is the reason it took me so long to get to that series. 

3- The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern: I think this might have taken over a year as well. I see why people love it but I struggled big time with it. I just don’t think whimsical magician books are for me. 

4- Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken: To be honest I am so done with YA dystopia’s like these. But I felt like I had to read this book because they were a christmas gift from my parents. It took me ages to get through this one and I still haven’t read the last one. Opps.

5- A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin: I really wish I had held off watching the show and read this first because I genuinely think I wouldn’t have struggled with it otherwise. I just had an internal battle with myself the entire time of whether I should  bother reading these or should just watch it like everyone else. I also blame Martin for not finishing the next book before the new season came out. 

So that is this weeks top 5 Wednesday! Let me know if you also take part. 

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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