A Month of Reading: August

Hey Guys!

August was a mix of disappointments and surprises, so I wouldn’t exactly call it a good month of reading, nor a bad month.


The Cursed Child: I’ve done a full non-spoiler review and spoiler discussion on this but basically there’s not much I liked about this and I gave it 1 star on goodreads. Probably the biggest disappointment ever.

A Spool of Blue Thread: This was such a nice read. It follows three generations of a family and we learn their story and their secrets and it’s one of those stories where I can actually see these characters existing. They were written so realistically I felt like I was reading about a real family and it was different to anything I’ve read before.

Impossible Knife of Memory: I didn’t know anything about this before reading this and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this. However it wrapped up a little too quickly for me and left me unsatisfied.

The Sky is Everywhere: I was so disappointed by this. The romance was way too instant, I didn’t like the main character and I didn’t understand her actions, which meant I didn’t exactly feel sympathetic for her at all. Just, no.

One Day: Another disappointment, but I’m not all that surprised by this. I just found the story to be really dull and I didn’t really care about finding out what happened in the end so I DNFed it.

Lightning Thief: I wanted a refresh of Percy Jackson before I restart the heroes of olympus series because I couldn’t really remember what happens in them. I really enjoyed rereading this but I just flicked through the others seeing as I remembered the majority of what happened in them. Now I can’t wait to read heroes of olympus.

The Help: I actually only started reading this so I’ll let you know what I think in my September Month Of Reading.

Kiss of Deception: Another reread before I continue the rest of the series and it’s made me super excited to finish this trilogy. I’d forgotten how good it is!

So that’s what I read during August. Let me know what you read.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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