Bout of Books: A Rushed Day 2 Update

Hey guys

So after posting yesterdays post I was able to complete Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan, making that my first completed read. This morning I decided to start The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson which I was a little disappointed in but I’ll tell you more in my overall wrap up. I think I’m now going to start the next Percy Jackson book The Titans Curse.

Now onto today’s challenge. This one is hosted by The Nickstar and it’s called Mix N Match. Basically all you have to do is pick ten words from ten books and make a sentence out of them. You can add extra words to make it intelligible.

My sentence is…

“The mortal put all her efforts into training herย specialities. The incantation shifted water and air with a cocked hand.”


Sorry this was super rushed today. England is currently in a heatwave and I’m uncomfortably hot and have seriously bad stomach cramps. I’m going to watch an episode of How To Get Away With Murder to brighten my mood.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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