Bout of Books 17: Day 1 Update

Hey Guys

I don’t normally like doing daily updates during readathons because it takes time away from reading but honestly I don’t have huge ambitions for this readathon and I really want to take part in the challenges (which I’ve never actually done before.)

So first off my reading update. I didn’t do too well today. It started off great I woke up at 6am to get a head start but then I started getting horrible cramps. Yes, that time of the month hit, and on the first day. Harsh, right?

So once I got over my crappy mood and crippling stomach pains I started One Day by David Nichols, which didn’t help my mood because it was (imo) a shitty books that I officially dnf’ed 161 pages in.

Now I am 92 pages into PJ and the sea of monsters by Rick Riordan and I’m hoping to finish that tonight.

Now for the day 1 challenge, which is to share your favourite and most hated book to movie adaptations. This is hosted by WritingMyOwnFairytale.




Thanks for reading

Jess xxx



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