Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Spoiler Discussion

Hello Guys

So this is part two of me talking about my thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. If you haven’t read the play yet, as Moaning Myrtle would say, ‘GO AWAY’ and read my spoiler free review. To avoid repeating myself in this I am only going to talk about the plot and how I felt about certain events that took place. Because I have a lot to say.


I want to start off by saying that I didn’t like the plot itself. At. All. For me, that’s why this story doesn’t feel like the eighth story, because I can’t see this all happening. As I said in my spoiler free post, it feels like a random episode of a Disney Channel TV show that just doesn’t flow with the rest.

I have never liked the idea of time-turners. For me that was the weakest plot device in the Harry Potter books because it just added so many plot holes. When I realised that’s what this play was about I was so disappointed. Like, they could go back in time by YEARS. Why use it to save Cedric when they could go back to Tom’s childhood and stop him before he becomes Voldemort? Also they never really explained how it would work, how would they get the exact date and time? Is this something that’s explained more on stage?

When they started talking about people speculating whether Voldemort had a child and people thought Scorpius was that child I didn’t really think about it because I found the whole idea stupid. But then, what do you know, Voldemort did have a child… with Bellatrix? That’s an image I never wanted to see. How this would fit in with the original story I do not know, when was she supposed to be pregnant? Why would Voldemort want an heir when he wanted to live and rule forever.

Also I have a little issue with Delphi‘s character. Firstly, I find the whole idea of her a little amateur and is another reason why I wish this play didn’t exist. I still refuse to believe that Voldemort having a daughter is canon. Second, in Half-Blood Prince J.K. Rowling does such a good job in exploring whether killers are born to be evil or if it’s how they’re raised. Voldemort didn’t raise her and I feel like J.K. comes to the conclusion that nobody is born evil. So where does this allegiance to Voldemort come from?

I don’t understand how Harry’s scar could possibly hurt. That to me was probably the weakest thing in this play. Harry was only connected to Voldemort by the Horcrux. That Horcrux is gone. Harry is no longer connected to Voldemort. Why, after 22 years (all of which Delphi has been alive for) would it conveniently start hurting again because of an alternate timeline that hasn’t even happened yet. And how could he suddenly regain the ability to talk to snakes. That just makes 0 sense to me. Also, what the fudge where those dreams?

Let’s talk about the consequences that the kids faced after changing the past because I also had a couple of issues with this. I find it completely plausible that Hermione wouldn’t go to the Yule Ball with Victor if she thought his school was sabotaging hers. I find it less plausible that Ron and Hermione going to the ball together would put them off each other but could still accept this. What I find ridiculous is Hermione turning into the next Snape just because she didn’t marry Ron. She is one of the strongest characters in the series and you’re trying to tell me she doesn’t become Minister of Magic just because she didn’t get her man?

I don’t understand why Albus hates Harry so much. I genuinely don’t understand what Harry could have done to make Albus seem more loved. Since when is saving somebodies life the only way to express you love someone? Honestly I found Albus to be an unappreciative brat. I mean, how dare he treat Harry’s blanket like that, it was such a touching moment but no, he just wanted lots of money spent on him. If I was Harry, I would wish he wasn’t my son as well.

There were times where I felt like Scorpius and Albus knew more than they actually would about Harry’s story and the wizard war. I swear they must have read the Harry Potter books themselves because how else would Scorpius know what Lily’s patronus is? A little too convenient for me. Speaking of Scorpius and Albus… who else wishes they where gay? I feel like that was such a missed opportunity and it really pissed me off that Scorpius would fancy Rose even though she is such a prejudiced arse (yeah, I went there.)

Teddy. Where is Teddy? I might have accepted him not being an actual part of this play but for them to not even mention him is just unacceptable. Am I the only person who actually loves the idea of Teddy’s character. He is basically the second wizard war’s Harry Potter. Harry is his only father figure. They could have such a strong bond and I would’ve loved to have seen it in this play. So disappointing.

I liked Ron in this. I can actually see this being how Ron would grow up to be. He’s basically that fun uncle who has the coolest job. However, even though he’s meant to be the comedy relief in this I found Scorpius’s lines to be much funnier, but maybe that’s just my sense of humour.

I am so proud of Hermione. I would love to know if it was J.K. Rowling’s plan all along to make her Minister of Magic. That is definitely something I can see being canon but I would have loved to have seen more of it. I feel like if this was a novel we could have seen what Hermione had done with her Minister powers, do house elves have more rights? I want to know!

Ginny was a little disappointing in this, she kind of reminded me more of movie Ginny than book Ginny and was really only a support system for Harry.

I loved seeing Draco interact with Harry him have a complete character growth but I can’t help but feel like it should have happened a lot sooner than 22 years.

These are some random thoughts I had while reading it but had nothing else to add onto:

  • Why are they so obsessed with not eating sugar?
  • How crazy is it that Harry is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement? He’s the king of law breaking.
  • Can’t believe Professor Mcgonagall is still alive!
  • The Scorpian King? WTF
  • Oh Potter? WTF
  • Engorgimpressed? Seriously Scorpius?
  • Ron doesn’t say ‘bloody hell’ once!
  • Voldemort Day? Why is everybody suddenly saying his name so openly? I thought he liked that people were too scared to call him Voldemort. Wouldn’t it be ‘Dark Lord Day or something?
  • The trolley lady is way cooler than I could ever have imagined.

Let me know your thoughts on the play, did you enjoy the story? Do you have any problems with it? Are you like me and wish this either wasn’t a thing or wasn’t being sold as the ‘eighth story?’

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


5 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Spoiler Discussion

  1. I also dont know why draco didnt spill any hints as to who the hell is delphi…instead of his son being rumored to be the voldy offspring… Besides, shes supposedly been raised and hidden with the malfoy’s… And u are right… Voldy’s too selfish to ever would want an heir… Why impregnate crazy bella…


    1. Oh my god wait you’re so right! She was born in Malfoy Manor so surely Draco would know Voldy had a daughter! Ugh the more I think about this play the more it annoys me!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had fun reading your thoughts by the way, although i am in awe of the book, i am a typical potthead who’d take whatever i could get, for yrs iv settled with internet fanfics!

    Anyhoo, i have the same opinion on time turners, i have a lot of issues when hermione first used it.. So many questions… And now, they use it like the title should be “harry potter and the confiscated time turner”

    I also noticed the obsession on not eating sugar, hehe, find it so weird because they were not in their 60s yet ;))


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