Beautiful Books ~ White

Hello Guys

I love pretty books, and while I do try and abide by the rule of ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ I am guilty of being more drawn in by the more eye catching designs. So that is why I thought I would start a new series going through my favourite book covers of each colour. 


Reasons to Stay Alive: This design is so simple but so eye catching. The bold lettering a slight burst of colour always make my eyes gravitate towards it in bookstores.


Alice in Wonderland: This one might just be my favourite Alice cover I have ever seen. It was made for the 150th anniversary by Alma Classics and I think it captures everything great about Alice in Wonderland. 


The Night Circus: All of The Night Circus covers are beautiful, the designers definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. White, black and red are one of my favourite colour combinations and should definitely be used more for book covers. 


Memoirs of a Geisha: Again with the pop of red. Seriously, so beautiful and really captures what the book is about.


 (I am now only just realising that basically all of these I love because of the pop of colour against the white background.)

Very Good Lives: I love the entire design of this book, including the illustrated pages on the inside, although I have to say the G on ‘good’ looks a little wonky. 



So those are my favourite white book covers. Let me know what your favourite of this lot is.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx

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