REVIEW: The Heir & The Crown ~ Kiera Cass

(Warning, spoilers for the first 3 books in the Selection series.)

IMG_2562Published: May 2015 & 2016

Source: BD & Netgalley

Pages: (Heir) 342  (Crown) 279

Avg. Goodreads Rating: (Heir) 3.90                                                                  (Crown) 3.94

My Rating: (Heir) 54% 3 Stars                             (Crown) 38% 2 Stars

Hello Guys

So, The Selection series has finally come to an end (maybe) (most probably) (this is it right?) and while I wasn’t one of those people who were frustrated with Kiera for continuing the series after it originally being a trilogy, I have to say I am glad it’s over. I really did enjoy the first three books in this series and was actually quite excited to know that we would be getting another two books that follows Maxons and Americas daughter through her own Selection. But when I actually read them I was so disappointed.

These have the same feel as the original trilogy, they’re fun and quick reads with love octagons and a sprinkle of politics so they could be marketed as dystopia. Perfect for fans of The Bachelor with a royal twist. But having now finished this added on duology all I can think is ‘what was the point?’

Throughout this series one thing I was really hoping for was great character development from our main character Eadlyn. Mainly because in the first book she was a rude and bitchy brat who was completely unaware of other peoples problems because she was to focused on her own. While she herself does acknowledge this later on she never actually suffers any consequences and everyone just makes excuses for her because ‘she’s a princess, she has a lot going on.’

When I finished reading The Heir I knew I would have a lot of problems with The Crown. These books are all relatively the same size (short) and because there was so little progress in The Heir I thought there was going to be too much that had to be resolved in The Crown. Unfortunately my prediction was right. To me the pacing was completely off and proclamations of love happened very suddenly with no real build up. Also, the worst and probably most frustrating thing about this book was there were a lot of things rushed or left completely unresolved, especially the political side of things.

So overall I would still recommend the first three selection books, especially if you are fans of reality show ‘The Bachelor,’ but these last two novels, while entertaining, were not well written or well developed novels.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx

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