A Month Of Reading: April

Hello Guys!

So April was a rubbish reading month for me. I just did not feel like reading and honestly I still don’t. I only read 1 book (from beginning to end) but I did start to read a few and finish a book I’ve been in the middle of for months.


The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

This was the only book I read from start to finish and I did really love this book. I’ve actually done a full review of this book so if you want to know my in-depth thoughts on it I’ll link it here. I will just say that I found this to be a powerful and important story that I would definitely recommend to you.

Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

It has taken me so long to finish this book but I finally got round to it during Deweys 24hour readathon. I honestly didn’t really enjoy this book. I think YA dystopias as a whole just aren’t enjoyable to me any more but I am determined to finish this trilogy… mainly because my parents got me the entire trilogy for christmas 2 years ago.

These ones I only started reading so I’m just going to briefly mention them.

The Final Empire: I think I might finish this in May but I’m not sure when. I’ve read 54 pages so far.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves: I just found the beginning of this really boring and thought it probably wasn’t the best thing to read to try and get myself back into reading. I stopped at around 15 pages.

The Little Princess: I got this from the library because I basically grew up watching the movie, but honestly I found the book really dull in comparison and stopped at around 50 pages.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: I basically just read a little bit of this every time I don’t know what to read. I think I read about 50 pages of this before deciding I couldn’t even be bothered to read Harry Potter.

So that’s what I read in April… hopefully May will be better (but probably not.)

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx

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