Genrethon TBR

I used to take part in readathons all the time but because the last few have been utter fails for me I’ve taken quite a long break from them (christmas booktubeathon being the last one I took part in.) But this week the ‘Genrethon’ is happening and because it seems like such a simple and fun readathon that some of my favourite booktubers are taking part in I thought I would jump back on the readathon train. 

I’ll leave a link here to the announcement video if you want more info but the simple rule/goal is to read three books in 1 week from three different genres. It starts on the 10th of April and runs until the 17th of April. 

So here is what I plan on reading (although it may possibly change. 

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson (FANTASY) ~ I’ve already started this but I’m hoping the readathon will help me push myself to read this whenever possible so it doesn’t take me two weeks to read (because it is quite a big book.)

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgsen Burnett (CHILDRENS) ~ This I’m hoping will be a really quick easy read. I loved The Secret Garden by the same author and grew up watching this movie but I’ve never actually read the book so I’m excited to see what the original story is like. 

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (CLASSIC) I’m definitely pushing myself with trying to read a 600 page book AND a 1800’s classic in the same week (both normally take me a long time to read) but I’m not going to rush them and if I fail utterly at this readathon… well… it’s nothing new. 

So that’s what I plan on reading in the upcoming week. 

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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