A Month of Reading: March

Hello guys

I really loved some of the books I read this month but a couple did really disappoint me. 


Blood Promise

I have mixed feelings about this. I found the first three quarters of it really boring and honestly a lot of the characters where kind of annoying me, but then that second half blew my mind. I ended up giving it 56% (3 stars.)

Me Before You 

Everybody has been going crazy over this and while I don’t think it’s the best thing ever (there were times where I really didn’t like the main character Lou) I was sucked into the story and I just couldn’t stop until I had finished it. This explores a very important topic that you don’t see that often in contemporary books. I could tell JoJo Moyes did a lot of research before hand to make sure she did it justice and she really did. I gave this 87% (4 stars.)

Alice in Wonderland

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this. The writing and characters where a little strange at times and there was one or two moments where I thought the story dragged a little (even though it’s only 200 pages) but in the end I completely got was Lewis Carrol was trying to do. Spoiler Alert if you don’t know the end: It actually felt like I was reading a dream. The way characters would suddenly appear and disappear and changed from being a baby to being a pig. That aspect really amazed me, I gave it 70% (4 stars.)

Shadowhunter Academy

I found the majority of these stories quite boring. I did really love Nothing But Shadows and it has made me really excited for the ‘Last Hours?’ series she’s writing but apart from that I really don’t think I gained anything from this. I gave it 3 stars but I rated them individually on goodreads. 

Lady Midnight

When this first came out I was a bi hesitant to start it right away. I didn’t really think I would enjoy it. It’s actually been a while since reading a Cassandra Clare book and I was worried that during that time I would’ve gone off her writing. However it was all over twitter so I finally decided that I might as well just read and I am really glad I did. While I definitely have some issues with it (especially the ending) I did really enjoy myself. I was shocked and angry and frustrated and excited. Cassandra Clare has this way of making me feel emotions without me even realising it. I just love her characters but the ending has made me wonder if I even want to continue. I gave it 74% (4 stars.)

Spirit Bound

This was the most disappointing book of this month. I was so pumped after the ending of Blood Promise and I was really excited to finish this series but after this one I’m not sure I even care any more. Honestly I skim read most of this because I found it so dull and predictable. But the ending was shocking but not enough for me to be like’I need to know what happens right now!’ I gave it 24%

Jane Eyre

I finally read it! I’m so happy with how much I loved this story. I loved Jane Eyre so much as a character. She was so independent and sarcastic. I was routing for her to win and have her happy ending because of all the turmoil we see her go through. Her personality shines when she is with Mr Rochester which made me really like him too. The writing was really easy to understand and Jane need for more in her life was really inspiring to read, especially given the year this was published and the fact a women wrote it. Everyone needs to go read this. Now. I gave it 92% (5 stars.)

So that is what I read during March. 

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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