Top 5 Wednesday ~Biggest Book Hangovers.

Hello Guys!

Welcome to another top 5 wednesday. If you don’t know top 5 wednesday is a weekly thing hosted by GingerReadsLainey and every week has a new topic that you have to pick your top 5 for. You can find out more on the goodreads group.

This weeks topic is top 5 book hangovers and normally for a book to give me a ‘hangover’ something devastatingly sad/bitter sweet happened in the end that most probably caused me to have an emotional breakdown. So you could also call these my top 5 soul destroying books. 


5: Champion ~ I hated the ending to this so much. I was so emotional and shocked I couldn’t even think of reading anything else.  Also, I read this series in less than three days during the booktubeathon and when I finished I was kinda like, what do I do with myself now?

4: I’ll give you the sun ~ This wasn’t exactly sad but when I finished it I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and no other book I read compared to the beautiful writing and story that this is. 

3: The Book Thief ~ Ugh this ending is heartbreaking! Not just that, this story and writing is just beautiful and, like I’ll give you the sun, nothing else compared to it at the time. 

2: TFIOS ~ I don’t think I need to explain this book is just wonderful and I cry everytime and then I am so drained I can’t bare to read for a week afterwards. 

1: Clockwork Princess ~ Probably the biggest book hangover I have ever had. I did not want this series to be over and when I finished I was an absolute emotional wreck and I’m still not over it.

So that is this weeks top 5 wednesday.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx



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