My Bookmarks

Hello Guys!

The one accessory every book lover needs with them at all times is a book mark and over the years I have collected a few pretty cool ones. So I thought I would share them with you. 


This Harry Potter mug I got from the Harry Potter Studio Tour is where I keep my bookmarks. So, I have two reasons why I don’t drink out of this. A) It’s huge, and I always put too much water in so my teas all weak and icky. B) It’s just too pretty to put hot water in it! I really like having it on my shelf, and if I ever go back to the studio tour I will buy another mug that’s a little smaller and not as pretty (probably a hufflepuff one.)


These bookmarks I’m sure a lot of you have probably already seen. These are the ones you get free from the book depository and I really like these (sometimes I even decide to buy a book from the book depository just to get a new bookmark.) I used to hate them when they were the boring periodic table, but now they have such cool designs! My favourite is the ‘Reading Here’ one (and luckily I have two of those.)


Now, these are my special ones. These are ones I normally get on trips out. It’s only recently that I’ve been doing this, I’ve decided as a new tradition that every time I go to a museum or somewhere that has a gift shop I will buy a bookmark to remember my time there.

The top read one I got when I went to Hever castle in the summer. The one below it is from The British Library from when I went on a school trip. The metal butterfly bookmark is from a holiday in great yarmouth a few years ago now, I believe I got it in the Merrivale Model Village. All the others are of course from various trips to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. Hopefully this collection will grow once I go to more places.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my bookmarks. I know it’s not the largest collection in the world, unfortunately I have lost all of my childhood ones (including a really cute winnie the pooh one!) 

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


3 thoughts on “My Bookmarks

  1. Omg that Marauders Map cup is so awesome! And I love the bookmarks, I also have quite a collection from book depository, their bookmarks are so pretty. Also, go Hufflepuff! 😀


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