January Book Haul

Hello Everybody!

While I was doing booktube I did a book haul almost every month (if I’d bought any books that month) but for some reason I’ve never actually shared with you what I’ve bought on my blog apart from my Christmas book haul. So, because I have acquired quite a few amazing books this month I thought I would share them with you.


Reasons To Stay Alive ~ Matt Haig

Bought: Book Depository (£4)

I am currently reading this every other night just before I go to bed so hopefully I’ll have a review up before the end of the month. This is a non-fiction memoir about Matt Haigs experience with depression. I have found this book so interesting and since I’ve been a fan of Matt Haigs since I was 10 this book has hit me right in the heart multiple times. 

The Martian ~ Andy Weir

Bought: Tesco 2 for £7

I have been hearing about this book so much in peoples favourite books of 2015. I hadn’t realised how popular this book was until suddenly everyone loved it. So when I saw it in tesco I had to get it. I have actually  read a page of this and am very excited to read the rest once I have finished the book I’m currently reading.

The Art of Being Normal ~ Lisa Williamson

Bought: Tesco 2 for £7

I’ve already read, loved and reviewed this book. And I can already tell this will be in my top 10 of this year. Seriously, this book was amazing. If you want to know why, here is a link to me review.

The Universe Versus Alex Woods ~ Gavin Extence

Bought: The Works (£1)

Honestly, I’ve been hesitant to buy this because I haven’t really heard much about it for a while now. But when I saw it brand new on sale for a pound in the works I kind of couldn’t resist. I remember people saying some great things about it and the synopsis sounds really interesting as it uses funny and heartbreaking to describe it, and what more could you want from a book?

Life of Pi ~ Yann Martel

Bought: Helena Hospice Charity Shop (20p)

I have heard so many mixed things about this book and the movie, but when I saw it in a charity shop for just 20p I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of giving it a try. I want to get to this relatively soon as I’m curious as to what I’ll think of it.

The Goldfinch ~ Donna Tartt

Bought: Age Uk Charity Shop (£1)

I have heard non-stop praise for this book. It is a rather intimidating length but I think this is the year to tackle those large books, seeing as I’ve set 30 books as my goal for the entire year. This book is known for it’s beautiful writing and captivating story, about a boy who is taken in by a wealthy family after his mother dies.

The Catcher in the Rye ~ J.D Salinger

Bought: Amazon (£2.81)

I bought this just before christmas last year after rereading Perks of Being a Wallflower. This is a book I feel like a lot of people read during school but I never did and I’m really interested in reading a classic coming-of-age young adult story.

Twelve Years of Slave ~ Solomon Northup

Bought: Banardos Charity Shop (50p)

The movie to this book was a big deal when it came out and has some amazing actors in it. I haven’t actually watched it yet because I’ve wanted to read the book first, and an interesting thing I found out after buying it is that it’s non-fiction. This has just increased my interest for this book so hopefully it’ll be read soon.

So those are the newest books I have bought. I am genuinely really excited for all of these so I can’t wait to get to them. However, because it is quite a lot of books I am going to stay away from the charity shops for a little while.

Thanks for reading,

Jess xxx



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