My Bookish Goals for 2016!

2016 goals

Hello Guys! 

Finally it is time to leave 2015 behind me and look forward into 2016. In this post I’m going to share with you the challenges and goals I have set myself for 2016. 

This year I am focusing more on what I read rather than the amount. I am no longer going to try and read books I’m not looking forward to or enjoying. I’m going to try and be a bit more relaxed yet still broaden my horizons by reading books slightly out of my comfort zone yet still sound interesting to me. So with no further ado, here are my bookish goals for 2016!

Blogging Goals

  • Review more of the books I read, maybe even all of them? (Not gonna happen but a girl can try!)
  • At least 1 new post a week
  • Go out of my comfort zone and try and be more creative with my posts rather than do the same thing over and over
  • Be more social in the blogging community. I’ve been doing this for a year but I don’t really interact with anyone. So I want to read more blogs and comment more.
  • Improve on my reviewing. I never feel like I’m saying anything new or I’m really expressing how I feel about the book in the right way. I especially want to do this for books I get for review.

Reading Goals 

  • Goodreads Challenge: Read 30 books (quality over quantity this year!)
  • Read 10 classics.
  • Read at least 3 non-fiction book (most likely autobiographies, I already have a few in mind.)
  • Finish at least 5 series. This is something I struggled with in 2015 and now I have a lot of unread series on my shelf I really should get through.
  • Read 4 books that have over 500 pages. I always avoid big books because they take more time, but hopefully my lower goodreads goal will allow me to achieve this.
  • Finish the Lord of the Rings, seriously, I need to finish it.
  • Read a book set in space.
  • Read at least one book that won or was short listed for a major book award.
  • Read the majority of books I bought in 2013/2014 yet still haven’t read.
  • Start and finish a book in 1 day.

Books I Must Finish in 2016

Those are all of the goals I have set for myself in 2016. Hopefully I can do better than 2015 and read some amazing books. Let me know any goals you have set yourself.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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