Cramathon TBR

Hello everybody! I’m really sorry I’ve stopped doing blogmas, I’ve had a bad few days and just did not feel up to doing anything so I decided it wasn’t worth doing it if I felt like I was forcing myself. 

Anyway, starting on the 19th of December (this Saturday) and ending on the 22nd is the cramathon readathon which is hosted by WhittyNovels and a few other booktubers. I took part in this last year and really enjoyed it, it’s a great way to cram some books into my read pile before the end of the year while having fun.

This readathon last for four days and comes with some challenges that you can base your tbr around. I have used some of the challenges but I won’t be using all of them.



1. Read a audiobook or ebook –

I might not do this one but I do have a couple of cheesy christmas romance novels on my kindle that I got last year for free. I might try one of them but whether I finish it is doubtful.

2. Read a bindup –

I’m using My True Love Gave to Me for this challenge. I don’t know whether it really counts because it’s meant to be one book but it is multiple short stories by different authors so hopefully it counts.

3. Finish a series –

I’m not doing this one. Normally if I don’t read the last book in  series straight after the other books it’s because I don’t care. So instead, if I finish all of the other challenges, I’ll read the Goblet of Fire.

4. Read a book under 200 pages –

For this I’m reading the borrowers. It’s going to be on tv on Monday night so I reckon it’s the perfect time to read it. Plus it’ll be really quick as it’s only 150 short pages.

5. Finish a book you DNF –

Last year in January I started this book but decided not to finish it (although I’m not sure why because I’m pretty sure I was enjoying it.) So I’m finally going to have a chance to finish it.

6. Read a graphic novel series  –

I don’t have any graphic novels on my tbr, nor do I want any. I’m really not a fan of them and I’ve never had any interest it them. So instead I thought I would read the illustrated edition of Harry Potter. I’m really looking forward to reading this, I can tell it will be the perfect christmas read.

7. Read 5 books in total

So those are my plans for the cramathon. Let me know if you’re taking part as well!

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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