My Journals/Notebooks

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with keeping journals. I love writing lists and plans for days, and I’ve always tried to keep my diary up to date. I love looking back at old entries and the other day I found some of my old notebooks I’d forgotten I’d even had and it was so interesting to read about things my 10 year old self had written.

So, in this post I’m going to share with you all of my notebooks and what it is I keep in them (although I won’t be sharing my actual diary entries! 😉


This is how I organise the notebooks I am currently using. I got these shelves from the range but you can also get them from B&M or on Ebay.


When I was 13 I started writing songs in the cupcake notebook. I did this because I wanted to express my feelings in a more creative way, and also because Taylor Swift was and still is a huge inspiration to me. I would carry it around with my everywhere and write in it (and on it) every chance I got, I could start a song and finish writing it in 20 minutes (although half of them are absolutely awful.) When I was 15 I stopped writing songs because I thought it was ‘weird’ but last year I decided to start again in a new notebook. I’ve only written a few so far but it’s still a fun pass time.


These are just random notebooks. The fast one I just write things I need to remember. The second one I keep lists of things like books I want to read, movies I want to watch etc. Lastly the final one is one of my favourite looking journals, you can get it on Ebay and I put all of my favourite quotes in it.


These are all of the diaries I have had over the years. The first one on the far left I had before I was 10 years old, the third (silver) one I had in my early teens, the second one in my late teens and the last one (which is a Hogwarts one and my favourite by far) is the one I’m currently using. I really love that I’ve been able to keep these diaries for so long, it’s so cool reading these and looking back on some memories (although some are really embarrassing and are memories I wouldn’t actually mind forgetting.)


Finally, these are the notebooks that are all book related. The first one (left) is where I used to plan videos for my booktube, but because I no longer make videos I now use the few remaining pages to plan blog posts although that requires a lot less planning.) The second one is a London notebook I got from Accessorize and in it I write down my thoughts on almost all the books I read so I can look back and remember what I felt about that book, I also use it for book reviews. The third one I just keep track of all the books I have read and the last one (which is probably my favourite because it’s a Harry Potter one from the studio tour) I write down any book ideas I have and am currently using it to plan my NaNoWriMo novel.

So those are my journals. I’m not sure what it is about them but I’ve always been obsessed with keeping multiple notebooks. It is quite fun to go back and read old notes I’d made.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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