Day trip to Hever Castle and Gardens

In late August I went to Hever castle and gardens in Kent as I had never been before. My dad went as I child with his mum and dad so we decided to go and enjoy a day wandering around some beautiful gardens on a warm Sunday. It was a fantastic day full of butterscotch and toffee ice cream, jousting, and enough wasps to last me ten lifetimes.

The Gardens

IMG_0869 IMG_0873IMG_0875




The Lake

IMG_0881IMG_0884Water Maze

The water maze was a lot of fun. Around this stone grotto is a stepping stone walkway where there are hidden jets of water that are triggered when you walk on certain stepping stones. To get to the grotto safely (as in if you want to stay dry) you have to avoid these stepping stones and try and find the safe route to the middle. This was such a unique maze, I had a lot of fun tracking my way through the maze, trying my hardest to avoid getting wet, and I am proud to say that I was successful!


To give the experience a unique feel there were various medieval activities and stools going on.


The Castle





Gift Shop



The last picture shows you what I bought while there. I bought two book marks, a magnetic one (which I gave to my nan) and a red leather one which I think looks so cool. Whenever I go to new places I have a tradition where I always have to buy a bookmark or something I can use as I bookmark, and I have to say I was spoilt for choice in the Hever castle giftshop.

So that was my day at Hever castle. While it did take a long time to get there due to a lot of winding roads and almost getting lost, it was a fantastic day and I will always treasure the memories.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx


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