The Making Of Harry Potter – Studio Tour Haul!

I have been lucky enough to go to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Watford three times now and each time I have bought some beautiful merchandise from the gift shop. In this post I will share with you all of the things I bought during my times there.

HP Haul 1.jpg



First are the bags you get when you buy something in the gift shop. I had to show them because they’re so cute! The bag on the left says ‘Harry Potter So Long It’s Been’ with Dobby on it and the larger paper bag says ‘Harry is the Best Hope We Have, Trust Him.’ I really like the paper bags and actually have them on my wall.

The third time I went I got a picture on a broomstick. To go on the broomstick is actually free but to get the picture it costs £14. Just a tip, they don’t ask what house you want but don’t be afraid to ask! They’re quite happy to get you the right robes and probably get asked all the time! I asked for Hufflepuff (Go Hufflepuff!)

Next are the tickets. Because I’ve been three times I have a lot of them and I keep them in a pouch you get if you choose the option of having them delivered to you. The tickets around the pouch I got the first couple of times we went. The ones at the front are new tickets that were released when the Hogwarts Express was added to the tour.

The first time I went I also got The Official Studio Guide book. The design of these have now changed to include of Hogwarts express but they have basically the same content. These cost £9.95 but you can get this and a digital guide when you book the ticket for an extra £10. I really like this as it gives info on all the main sets and looking through it brings back so many great memories.

Now onto what I bought in the gift shop:

HP Haul 2.jpg

First I got some sweets that were actually in the movies. The first is Bertie Botts every flavour beans. I got this the first time I went so all of the beans have now been devoured (or spat out in disgust) so only the box is left. These were £8.95

I also got a chocolate frog (which has also been consumed.) This is solid milk chocolate in the shape of a frog and the box it came in was so gorgeous I had to keep it. I unfortunately got Godric Gryffindors card but oh well! This cost £7.95

The Marauders Map mug is one of my favourite purcheses. This is the most beautiful mug I have ever seen and cost me £14.95 but it was totally worth it. The only issue is I want to use it but I also want it on my shelf so I can stare at it all day because its so pretty!

I also got a leather journal with the Hogwarts cress on it. The paper in it is parchment so it has a lovely old fashioned feel to it, as if I am writing my homework for transfiguration. This cost £14.95.

The first time I went I, of course, got a wand. I feel like every Harry Potter fan should get the wand of their favourite character and (while my favourite character has now changed to Luna Lovegood) the first time I went I got Sirius Blacks wand.

The second time I went only bought two things. One was a time turner key ring which cost £7.95 and the other was a pen/wand and bookmark, these are just at the checkouts and cost £10.95.

The last time I went (just last Sunday) I got a Marauders Map notebook, which was £7.95, a couple of Hufflepuff bookmarks which I found randomly in a tray under some keyrings, which were £5.95 and, a new favourite, my soft and cosy Hufflepuff pillow. These are £19.95 and it’s honestly the best pillow I’ve ever owned.


And behold, the Harry Potter shelf! (or shrine as my dad called it.)

Thanks for reading.

Jess xxx

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