My Blogger and Bookish Goals for 2015!

Hello guys and Happy New Year!! I’m really glad 2014 is over because it was not the best year of my life, a lot of drama happened and my life really changed. But some amazing things also happened, I went to see Taylor Swift in concert (best day of my life) I read some amazing books and my view on certain subjects such as feminism and racism really changed because I finally opened up my eyes and my mind and learnt a lot of stuff that I am very grateful for.

I want 2015 to be a good year for me although its a very uncertain one, this will be my last year in school as it’s my last year of A level and I am not going to university and I am struggling to find the right path for me to set me off for the future, which I have never really given much thought to. So this year I want to set myself some reading goals, not ones where I have to read a huge amount of books because I don’t want to put pressure onto myself, but ones that will help me read more diversely, open up to whole new worlds and cultures and open up my mind even more to what happens outside of my own bubble.

So I have set myself 17 challenges to complete this year and I am really excited to get started.

1) I want to read 50 books. I read 74 books this year and that was mainly because I was reading books I wasn’t really enjoying because I knew everyone else was, so I felt pressured into reading them. This year I’m giving myself more space to have a wide variety of books to choose from so hopefully 50 books should be easy as pie.

2) Read the 17 books on my goodreads must read in 2015 list: …If I don’t I will get rid of them in 2016 as these are books I bought in 2013 or before.

3) Read the lord of the rings series, I own all the books AND all the movies… Its about time.

4) I want to start OR finish 7 series, I have so many unfinished series on my shelf and also a lot of series I haven’t even started, so hopefully this year I want to either start 7 series or/and hopefully complete some as well.

5) Read 2 books before I buy 1 books. The amount of books I need to read before I buy a book may increase over the months… or I might forget about it all together.. but I’m trying this out to see if it encourages me to read more.

6) Read 5 classics.

7) Read a books published by an indie press. If you have any good recommendations for this please let me know!

8) Read an LGBT book. I have read LGBT books before but this year I want to read more.

9) Read a book that takes place in Asia.

10) Read a book that takes place in Africa.

11) A book that takes place in an indigenous culture. Again recommendations would be appreciated!

12) Read a microhistory (a history book that centres around one topic e.g. salt)

13) Read a book that won or was shortlisted for a national book award, the man booker prize or the Pulitzer prize.

14) Read a book that was originally published in another language.

15) A book published before 1850.

16) A book published this year (2015)

17) A non-fiction book.

And finally my blogger goal is to review every book I read, whether its a big long review or a big post that has multiple mini reviews! I also plan on posting once a week… lets see how long that lasts!

Those are all of my goals!!! I really hope 2015 is a good year for you and I hope you are all happy. I’m wondering do you have any reading related goals this year?

Thank you so much for reading

Jess xxxx


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