Girl Online ~ Review

Hello Guys! Today I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on a book I was sent for review my penguin called Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (AKA Zoella). She is a more famous YouTuber, with over 6 million subscribers and winning awards such as the Cosmopolitan Blog award for best beauty blogger, BBC radio 1 teen awards for best British Vlogger (X2) and Nickleodeons UK favourite Vlogger.

I was so excited when I heard about this book because I am a huge fan of Zoe and her videos. Her videos are so fun and quirky and very relatable for any teenage girl out there, she not only gives beauty tips on how to properly apply eyeliner but also life tips and the odd funny challenge with a special guest YouTuber here and there.

Girl Online is about a girl called Penny who starts experiencing panic attacks, so she creates an anonymous blog called Girl Online, which quickly becomes a lot more popular then she ever thought it would. Her family owns a wedding planning shop and one day gets the opportunity to host a wedding… in new York… over the Christmas period. Needless to say they jumped at the opportunity and while she is there Penny meets a hot stranger called Noah, and has the holiday romance of a life time.


The one thing I remember loving about this book, but I’m sure annoyed a lot of others, is the fact that Penny and Zoe has so many similarities. Penny lives in Brighton, so does Zoe. Penny suffers from panic attacks and so does Zoe. I loved this because it made Penny feel so familiar and made me connect and care about her character faster then it normally takes. Although you could say this is a rather unimaginative way of conjuring up your main character, I’ve decided to view this as a positive as it really did make me enjoy the book a lot more.

The characters I had a bit of a problem with. I feel like some were unfairly portrayed and that what their next actions were a little bit obvious, meaning there were never any real shocks for me as I guessed the plot before it truly developed. The writing style was also a little but simple, especially the way she described some things (for example she compared something to a Jeremy Kyle guest which I didn’t particularly like.)

While I did love this book I could only recommend it to those who are A) looking for a light read that they just want to laugh at and not make the want to sob (meaning its a good morning period read) or B) If your a fan of Zoe Sugg and often watch her videos.

This book is like a breath of fresh air after a hard hitting, heart shattering dystopian. A great read for any cold night with a cup of hot cocoa and a dog by your side. You could literally finish this in one sitting as once you start, you won’t want to put it down.

Thanks for reading!


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