The One ~ Book Review

Recently I finally got around to reading The One by Kiera Cass, the third instalment in the selection series (there will be another book out next year however it follows a different story just in the same world.) This came out around May of this year and I was planning on reading it the day it came out but for some reason that never seemed to happen, so when I saw it on amazon kindle for just £1.50 I had to buy it and read it straight away, and I am so happy I did!

Ever since I have started this series I have called it my guilty pleasure, because while there are clearly a lot of things it can be criticised for, I still enjoy reading them and once I start I can’t stop.

The Selection series is a dystopian novel however it’s not as intense as some dystopias such as The Hunger Games or Legend. It’s set in a futuristic America where there is a new system called Caste where everyone is numbered. The basic idea is that the higher number you are, the poorer you are.

When the prince comes of age a competition is held for ordinary girls of each Caste to have the chance to win the princes heart and become a One (and eventually queen). Our lead character America Singer (whose a 5) of course gets chosen to take part in the competition, but she doesn’t want to go, because she is already in love with a 6.

This series is mostly focused on the romance between America and the Prince and also America and her secret lover Aspen and this is definitely one of the aspects that I loved about this series as it’s a nice break from all the intense action you normally get in dystopian novels.

The One for me was a good ending to this series, however it wasn’t spectacular. I personally was not a fan of how the ending came around, it was very rushed and very sudden, however it was a very satisfying ending, and, unlike other dystopian endings I’ve experienced it didn’t leave me curled up in a sobbing mess in the corner of my room for a week screaming “WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR!” Which I was very thankful for cause I don’t think my heart could have coped with that.

Overall this series is a good read for anyone who is looking for something that isn’t as deep and serious as some other dystopias, but also doesn’t want 100% fluffy romance. This book has everything from drama to frustration to tense moments and times where you cant help but say aww out loud. If you have a free weekend and are in the mood to marathon a trilogy.. I would really recommend this.

Thanks for reading!


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