A new beginning!

I have decided I want this blog to be alot more then it is. Even though I love books and have loved sharing my thoughts on books and talking about the books I like to read, I want to share with you more then that. I want this to be the type of blog that gets you thinking, I want to share my thoughts and feelings on stuff that is happening in the media and in my personal life and discuss them with you.

This blog is going to not really be about my life, but my thoughts and feelings on certain subjects. I’m the type of person who has a lot to say, but I’m too afraid to say them out loud, and I have to no one to say them to. So here I am typing this in the hope that someone will the least bit interested.

I’m gonna be honest with you and say I am your average teenage girl with average teenage girl problems, and if you don’t like that, don’t waste your time on my blog… cause your gonna hate it. My life is changing for alot of reasons, school, my parents, even I’m changing, and I’m no longer sure of where I’m going to be this time next year. That scares me… alot.

So this is my new start to this blog, there will still be plenty of bookish posts… books are the only reliable things in my life right now and I’m so grateful to have them and now, I’m very grateful to have this blog, where I can and will truly be myself.

Thank you for reading.


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